There is no penalty for registering and then unregistering—PLEASE Unregister if you cannot participate. Thank you


We have a limited number of consignor spots. If you try to consign but get a message that we are full then contact us to be put on a wait list. Thank you


Pricing Guideline Page


All consigned inventory must be entered in to the system by Monday April 23rd 2018 10pm . You can still print tags after this time but you cannot change any prices, etc.


Friday April 27th 2018 from 12:00PM to 7PM– Pre-sale for consignors (who are not volunteering)

Saturday April 28th 2018 from 5pm-7pm - 1/2 Price pre-sale for Consignors


Consignors must have a minimum of 30 quality items to participate. There is NO maximum amount.

ALL consigned items MUST be clean and gently used or new. We will return the items to you if they smell of smoke, must, have stains or pet hair all over them, etc.


- At dropoff, clothing MUST be arranged by gender and size  -


Using the online tagging software, you will enter how much you want to sell your items for (generally 1/3– 1/4 of the original price) whether or not they will be sold at half price, (highly recommended), and if your unsold items will be donated. You as a consignor receive 70% of the selling price. There is a $10.00 participation fee for every consignor (deducted at sign up). This fee helps pay for facility rental and advertising. This fee will not be refunded. All consignors must sign a consignor agreement as part of the online registration process.  Your final check will be mailed within two weeks after the sale ends!


Click here for a  Pricing Guide


Consigning with Got Kids has GREAT Benefits:

In addition to earning a 70% profit on your items, consignors get to shop the pre-sale before the sale opens to the public! ( If you volunteer, you can shop even earlier!) Also if you volunteer twice or more as a consignor you get 75% of your profit!


Consignors can bring on guest with them to the presale!



All consignors must sign up for a drop off time. To reserve your drop off time click here. If you have more than 200 items then please sign up for 2 consecutive drop off times.


Please have your clothing sorted by gender and size when dropping off. 


Please make sure your tags print clearly. If your tags do not scan at the time of drop off, staff will reprint them for you. A charge of $5.00 will be deducted from your check for this. You will need to re-tag all items before they are accepted.


You must check for product recalls on your carseats, strollers, cribs, etc. You can check for recalls here


As part of your consignor agreement, you must sign a release of liability for Got Kids? Sale.




If you choose to pick up rather than donate your unsold items, you may do so on Monday April 30th 2018 from 3:00pm to 6:00 pm. Any items not picked up by 6:00PM will be donated. 



Click here for tips on how to get the most for your items. 



If you volunteer to work the sale you get to shop even earlier and you get the best selection.







Please check your items carefully!

You don’t want to bring many items to the drop off and then be sent home with half of them because there are stains, holes or the zipper does not work.

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