Can I sell clothes that are not for the current season?
Seasonal is best but light weight pants and shirts sell well in both.

Are there any items that cannot be sold?
Yes. We do not accept clothing older than 5 years, ripped or stained clothing, used bottle nipples, used teething rings, used pacifiers, drop side cribs, VHS tapes, car seats older than 5 years,  car seats that have been in an accident,  or “R” rated DVDs.

How do I tag my items?
You can find instructions for tagging

Am I required to use the online tagging system?
Yes, the online system makes the whole sale run smoothly. 

What percentage of sales do I receive?
Consignors receive 70% of sales. 75% if you consign and volunteer two or more shifts.

Can I use a stroller while shopping at the sale?
Yes, but it must be tagged at the door before entering the sale so we know it belongs to you.

Where do my donated items go?
All items that are donated go to
Cornerstone Community Church

Is there an admission fee for the event?
No, the sale is free to shoppers.

Who is allowed to shop at the Pre-Sale?
   You will need to wear your assigned wrist band to enter the sale at the appropriate time if you are a volunteer or consignor.  Consignors and volunteers may bring one guest to the presale. 

. Can I bring children to the Pre-Sale?
No, only infants that can be worn in a front carrier or a backpack will be allowed at the pre-sale.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of clothes or items that I can bring?
There is a minimum of 30 items . There is no maximum.

Is this event held more than once a year?
Yes, this is a semi-annual sale. It is held once in the Spring and once in the Fall. 

Where do I find safety pins and hangers?
Safety pins and clothes hangers can be purchased at Walmart and other discount stores. Some dry cleaners will give you hangers if you ask.  Big lots, Dollar store and family dollar! Facebook familes always help!

Will I get my hangers back?
No, items are not removed from the hangers at check out. 

What if I forget to pick up my unsold items?
Any items that have not been picked up on the last day of the sale will be donated. Please let me know if you need special arrangements for pick up.

What if some of my items are missing?
Unfortunately, there is always a chance this may occur.  We will have volunteers monitoring the sales floor and will do our best to prevent this from happening.

When will I receive my earning’s check?
You will receive your check within two weeks of the end of the sale. 


Any questions you may have that are not answered above, contact us! (info@gotkidssale.com) Thanks



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