Here are some helpful tips to get you started and help you get the most for your items.


Check over your items carefully for holes, stains, missing buttons, etc. These items will not be accepted.


Do not hang more than 2 items or a complete outfit on a hanger. Shoppers need to be able to look items over. Too many items on a hanger tend to fall off and get lost.


We  can no


Check the pockets of your pants, jackets, coats, etc..  Check backpacks, purses and luggage for “hidden treasures”.  (Once we found a misplaced video game!)


Make sure all of your clothes are clean and odor free.  Clothes that smell of smoke or have dog hair all over them do not sell and will not be accepted at drop off.


Some stains, holes, etc may be missed at the initial drop off—we are only human. If any are found on items during the sale we will remove the item from the sales floor to be returned to the owner.


High Chairs, carseats, etc need to be clean. Clean under the padding and wash the padding if necessary.


Diaper Genies, potty seats/chairs, etc. need to be disinfected.


Toys need to be complete and have all of the pieces. Toys requiring batteries need to have batteries in them. If batteries need to be replaced during the sale there is a $1 fee per battery.


Make sure you clean all toys well.  Items that are not clean will not be accepted.


Keep in mind that items with no tags can not be sold. Please make sure the tag is affixed well to the item. We to try our best at slow times make new ones but preventing it is the best.


MagiEraser helps gets marker, crayon, etc off of toys.  Use armorall car cleaning agent to make outdoor toys shine.


If you aren’t sure how to price your items click here for a guide



Helpful Tips

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